Our dynamic training process

A DYNAMIC approach

movement vs. conventional excercises

When a person takes an exercise class, goes to a gym workout, Pilates or Yoga, they are expecting to copy the positions demonstrated with certain cues for breathing and tensions. When we learn a sequence of positions linked together to form a phrase of actions, we dub that “movement through time and space.”

At Kinesphere Studio, we emphasize the process of doing movement phrases so as to create a flow in the body and a concentration in the mind that cultivates Body Wisdom. As such, this gained wisdom will help you overcome issues of imbalance, misalignment, chronic pain/stiffness, or lack of coordination — and replace that with a natural feeling of grace, a sense of harmony, and an intelligent integrity that blends into your everyday movements.

3d illustration of Kinesphere movement
spiraling pathways


While you are learning movement phrases designed to build your confidence, strength and flexibility, you will be taught some interesting components that help you to continually improve.

Somatic movement addresses the way you sense breath, how gravity can transform your sense of alignment, various ways to exert effort, force or power, complex motions that involve opposing motions, circular and spiraling pathways, and attention to directions of focus.

Human beings are also very expressive with their bodies, showing feelings through gestures and postures. We can feel that range of expression when exercise is experienced through movement phrases and this creates an enhanced sense of overall aliveness in how you sense your self.

reap the rewards

WHAT will you learn?

For most people, the sense of the body is either through comfort or discomfort, pleasure or pain, fatigue or energetic, restlessness or calm.

Through the Somatic focus and study of movement phrases in the Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® Methods, your awareness will expand to enhance your ability to feel subtlety and nuance. Your breathing will become deeper and more satisfying. Recognizing problems of balance, pain, and coordination can be more easily resolved. Your range of expression and comfort becomes more attuned.

And the knowledge you gain will be yours to keep forever!

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